The Women We Know: Cassy Martinez

The people we cross paths with have the ability to shape the trajectory of our lives. When you encounter someone, their presence can alter your life in some way or another and in most cases, we aren’t even aware of the impact. It is only when we truly become in tune with these connections that we can begin to nurture the impact others have made on us.

Our work involves a ton of connectivity so we come across countless changemaking women on the daily. This series is dedicated to honoring the footprints of the women who step into the WORD world - one humble story at a time.

Cassy Martinez arrived in the WORD world in 2017 when WORD was just getting it’s feet wet. She had been developing an app called LadyLab. Her goal was to help women connect and collaborate on their side hustles, projects, dreams or just to find their own girl gang. Cassy wanted our help and naturally we were hyped because her values surrounding intentional support for women are our core values.

A year went by and we heard from her again! She was ready to work and as timing is always perfect, we were ready for her too.

Cassy has since become a staple in the WORD story - just last month we helped produce and plan her first event! It’ was a JOY watching her own the room and the panel stage. We live for this stuff! This woman is driven, kind and edgy AF. She may not come off as loud and opinionated to the laymen but her clever demeanor and ability to #getshitdone is motivating. Like many women trying to make a difference, Cassy is figuring it out as she goes along and we’re so proud to be by her side in this journey.

If you haven’t checked out LadyLab, we suggest you head over to your local app store and download ASAP. Your next collab or future partner in crime is just a swipe away.

Here’s Cassy!


1. Tell us about yourself? Who you be? Where you from? Where you rest at?

I’m Cassy: founder of LadyLab, a digital community for boss ladies of all backgrounds to connect and collaborate. LadyLab provides women with the tools to go forth and conquer their hopes and dreams.

I grew up in the bordertown of McAllen, Texas where I experienced a true Tex-Mex upbringing. Naturally, Selena was my first obsession. I lost my dad suddenly at age 11, and grew up in a home where women like my mother got shit done with grace and humility every single day because there simply is no other option.  

I made the move to Los Angeles post-grad for an influencer marketing internship that transitioned into my first big-girl job, and consequently, my first big-girl firing. #KeepingItRealYall For the next five years, I found my niche as a digital strategist working for companies on the cutting edge of social storytelling like Sony’s Astronauts Wanted and Disney’s Maker Studios. When I was first getting LadyLab off the ground, I kept my 9-5 hustle and actually took on as much freelance work as I could get my hands on - using the extra cash to fund development.

In what I call an “executive decision from the universe,” I was laid off from my last corporate position. That’s when things got serious for LadyLab. Suddenly with more time than I knew what to do with, I doubled-down on turning my app idea, a community for boss ladies to connect and collaborate, into a reality. In the year that followed, I successfully transitioned to freelancing full-time and paid for the development and launch of LadyLab, 100% out of pocket and debt-free.

2. Why did you start LadyLab

So often we are raised to see each other as competition, rather than collaborators. For us to collectively rise and rule as women, we must change that mindset.

I started LadyLab to serve the growing population of women on a mission striking out on their own as entrepreneurs, creators and hustlers. While women are creating more businesses and generating more profits than ever before, there is little infrastructure to support this emerging population. Without support and community, many businesses can fail from lack of connections, resources and confidence. LadyLab was born to curb this statistic.

At LadyLab’s core, we believe that collaboration is the key to growth and true sustainability. Our mission has always been to create a community that provides entrepreneurial women with the tools to connect and collaborate. Built for boss ladies of all backgrounds, LadyLab gives women the resources to go forth and conquer like access to our inclusive community, our projects board and your own customizable creative portfolio.

As a platform exclusively for those identify as female, we are proud to stand as a safe and free space for women to network and share their entrepreneurial journey.

Screen Shot 2019-03-27 at 11.00.43 AM.png

3. What kind of women do you see benefiting from LadyLab?

Any woman that is doing #HerOwnThang can benefit from joining the LadyLab community. Our squad is made up of female entrepreneurs, freelancers, side-hustlers and creators of all backgrounds down to join forces.

Simply by taking the first step of creating your own portfolio and highlighting your hustle, you’re already putting yourself out there to a community of ladies down to lean in and collaborate in a real way. Whether you’re kicking off a project together, or simply wanting to hire a CPA to do your taxes, LadyLab is your direct line to ladies who mind their business.

Growing your network and net worth simultaneously is possible thanks to features like your creative portfolio built to showcase your work and what you’re looking for, to our projects board filled with opportunities to grow your bank account. Each element of LadyLab was built with the needs of the female hustler in mind.

4. Who are some women you admire?

  • Michelle Obama

  • Brené Brown

  • Rihanna

  • Sara Blakely

  • My Abuelitas <3

5. IG accounts that you love to follow

  • @WeTheUrban: Perfect for putting me onto POC artists deserving more shine

  • @CallMemeDaddy: A girl’s gotta have her memes, and this female-ran meme factory knows me better than I know myself

  • @RinnyRiot: Can I cover my house in her artwork?

6. Life mantra

“I’ll see it when I believe it.” Manifest that shit!

You can catch up with Cassy on Instagram and get your hustle on with LadyLab.