The Women We Know: Jennifer Lopez

The people we cross paths with have the ability to shape the trajectory of our lives. When you encounter someone, their presence can alter your life in some way or another and in most cases, we aren’t even aware of the impact. It is only when we truly become in tune with these connections that we can begin to nurture the impact others have made on us.

Our work involves a ton of connectivity so we come across countless changemaking women on the daily. This series is dedicated to honoring the footprints of the women who step into the WORD world - one humble story at a time.

I met Jennifer Lopez a little over 2 years ago - before WORD was even a thing. Jenn was the diligent PR person that would always be our point of contact for cool VIP events around LA. Once I got over her cool ass name, I was instantly drawn to her sparkling personality and “get it done” mentality - Jenn was always grace under fire.

Now the founder of Camila Creative, a 360 agency that works with some of the coolest talent in LA, Jenn has become one of our go to gals for potential collabs, occasional hikes, coffee dates and frequent IG DM banter. Balance, right? Her dedication and work with inspiring clients like Patty Rodriguez & Super Mamas, stands out because Jenn does everything with her whole heart. She is authentic, doesn’t take opportunities for granted and is a solid, good woman who keeps it real pero con una sonrisa. This is the energy that attracts honest work and inspiring people into her universe. I am honored to know her, and now you can be too.


Tell us about yourself? Who you be? Where you from? Where you rest at?

I’m a first-generation Mexican-American millennial. Like many Mexican immigrants in California, my parents migrated to the US from small towns in Mexico in search of a better life for themselves and their loved ones. My mom worked as a nanny and a housekeeper and my dad worked in construction. Growing up I was pretty-shy, something my mom makes sure to remind me of every time I find myself in situations a younger me might have run away from. 

Currently, I live in an apartment in Hollywood, Ca with my husband. That’s also where I work and rest! I can basically work from anywhere with Wi-Fi -a decision I consciously made when deciding to launch my business. My husband, who’s always been very supportive, helped me convert half our living room into my HQ two years ago after a year of working at coffee shops and on my couch. We’re quickly growing out of this space and are excited to see where this next stage takes us.      

Why did you start Camila Creative? 

Camila Creative happened because I wanted to work for myself. At the time, I had no idea what that meant other than I’d be able to work on my own schedule. I quickly learned that that’s not a good enough reason to start your own business. I quit my job without much savings and when the clients didn’t come rushing in ::facepalm:: learned that if I didn’t want to go back to another agency, I’d need to find something to help me pay my bills, student loans, etc. I did Postmates for months before I landed my first “official” client. 

I hit and overcame some pretty essential entrepreneur road blocks with that piece alone. I learned my mission needed to be much bigger than my need for a flexible schedule. I also learned that a flexible schedule isn’t as interesting if you can’t see the bigger picture, your driving force included.     

What kind of women do you see benefiting from the work you do with Camila Creative?

I always remind myself that we’re not curing cancer at Camila Creative. What we are doing is elevating our incredible clients and opening doors with them that will allow them to continue to empower and inspire entire communities. 

Who are some women you admire?

While I have plenty of boss-crushes, I truly admire the women behind the scenes. The ones taking on the daily physical and emotional labor making things happen. It’s only through their support that we’re able to make the bigger picture happen.  

IG accounts that you love to follow

  • @latinxtherapy –What Adriana is doing for our community is admirable and essential for people of color where the stigma against therapy is still alive and well. 

  • @wordaful –I’m obsessed with what Liz Hernandez is doing with her platform. Words are so powerful. 

Life mantra:

Lately, I’ve been obsessing over: “You don’t know what you don’t know.” I’m not sure who said it but it helps me relieve some of the excess pressure I place upon myself. It reminds me that it’s a process and the lessons will come as I need them. They always have. 

You can catch up with Jenn on Instagram and via her company, Camila Creative.